Global Communications requires 50% deposit upon booking; balance due must be paid 60 days prior to arrival. Booking will be cancelled if balance is not received by the due date.
This contract for transitory use will expire at the end of the rental period as specified in the booking form. It is understood that no contract will exist between Global Communications and third parties until booking fee has been received and GC confirmation has been issued .
In case of your cancellation, charges are as follows:
- 20% of rental amount if cancellation is received 60 days or more prior to arrival;
- 50% of rental amount if cancellation is received between 60 and 30 days prior to arrival;
- 100% of rental amount if cancellation is received between 30 days and date of arrival.
For this reason we advise you to buy a travel insurance in order to minimize the loss in case of cancellation.
In case of our cancellation, due to major forces beyond our control, we reserve the right to transfer you to a similiar property upon your approval; if not possible, we will refund in full the amount that has already been paid. Global Communications will not be liable for any further claims or obligations by you.
The people whose names are listed on the booking form are the only ones entitled to use the property. The number of people staying at the Torricello must not exceed 10.
Arrival: between 16.00 and 19.00 on Saturday or Sunday
Departure: before 10.00
Alternative arrangements concerning arrival and departure time should be negotiated before date of arrival.
Security deposit of 25% of rental fee is due in cash or travellers cheques when you arrive at the Torricello; a receipt will be issued confirming the given amount. The security deposit will be held in an non interest bearing account and will be returned to you at your departure . Any costs arising from unpaid utilities, phone charges, damages to the property and its contents will be deducted from the above mentioned security deposit.
The property is given clean and in order therefore it must be given back as found on date of arrival.
An additional charge of $50 will be taken from the security deposit if the property is not left in decent condition according to the property manager’s opinion.
Cleaning service can be organised upon request.
The property manager has the right to enter the property for maintenance and gardening jobs.
LIABILITY-Plants, services, swimming pool:
The Lessee specifically exempts the Lessor from any liability for direct or indirect damages which may occur to him/her for actions or omissions of employees, directors and collaborators of the Lessor; as well as for any malfunctions of equipment, systems, shortages of electricity and of other utilities.
The Lessee specifically exempts the Lessor from any liability for direct or indirect damages which may occur to him/her from intrusion of animals, insects, rodents etc. inside the premises.
The Lessee hereby acknowledges that the swimming pool is not fenced in and that there is no lifeguard on duty.
The Lessee hereby acknowledges that the use of the swimming pool will be at his risk and under
his responsibility and shall control the use of the swimming pool which may be made by the
members of his family or his guests and ensure that they comply with safety and hygiene rules.
The Lessee specifically exempts the Lessor from any and all liabilities for damages,or injuries which him or others may suffer because of the use of the swimming pool during the lease.
The Lessee acknowledges that,during the lease, the Lessor and its designees will be a1lowed to enter the property for inspections, maintenance, etc.
You and your party hold Global Communications and the property owners from and against any and all liability arising out of or any way connected with your use of the property including injuries, damages, theft or criminal activity.
Should a law suit, claims or any disputes arise, the Law Court in Rome- Italy, will have exclusive jurisdiction.
I declare that I have read and accept all the clauses of Booking terms and Conditions expecially those concerning: Jurisdiction, Cancellation, Deposits and Liability.

Please mail ,or fax the the above agreement dated and signed to

Global Communications Srl -Vicolo dell’Aquila n. 2 05020 Lugnano in Teverina (TR) Italy

Fax ++39 0744 900114 e-mail


Date.................................                     Signature.....................................................

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