Brief description on how to get to Villa Torricello
- Lugnano in Teverina - Italy

If you are coming from the NORTH

Take the A1 Autostrada Bologna - Firenze-Roma: exit at ATTIGLIANO (it’s the one after the Orvieto exit); right after the toll turn right, at about 200 yards you’ ll approach another crossroad where you have to take a left (you’ll also see the post-signs with ‘’Lugnano in Tev.’’ written on it) follow the road, you’ll pass through Attigliano and in front of the railroad station, keep straight and then cross on a little bridge over the railroad tracks; stay on this road for about 11 kilometers. You will arrive at the bottom of Lugnano, continue up the hill to a four ways intersection, turn to the right ( if you go left you end up into the historical centre of Lugnano) about 200 yards after this crossroad you will come to another crossroad with traffic lights where you have to take a right (towards Amelia) follow this road for about 1 Kilometer ( 2-3 bends). Villa Torricello will then be on your right slightly below street level; cross a gate with two cypresses interrupting the fencing along the road and you’re there.

If you are coming from the SOUTH

Take the Autostrada A1 from Rome towards Florence get off at Attigliano (it’s the one after Orte) follow directions as above.

You can give us a call when you come off the Autostrada and we will be waiting for you.
The phone numbers: Global communications 0744 900002
Villa Torricello 0744 900074
our mobile 347 2730530

From “Leonardo da Vinci” ROME AIRPORT

If you’ve rented a car at Leonardo da Vinci’s airport get out of the airport and follow directions for Rome.
When on the freeway, after aprox. 5-7 miles look for green post indicating exits for rome ring road (called “GRAN RACCORDO ANULARE”) and take the exit going north saying FLORENCE. After you ‘ve taken this exit, you’ll find yourself on the Ring Road; stay on the ring road for about 15 miles and always look for FLORENCE GREEN POST. After several exits and right after the via Salaria exit you will see the Green post for Florence: Take that exit and after a 8 miles stretch you are at the pay-toll entering the A1 Autostrada. The exit for ATTIGLIANO is the 3rd one after the pay toll (1st: Ponzano, 2nd Orte).
Follow directions as above

From ROME, “Ciampino“ AIRPORT

As you get out from the airport area, turn right after you pass the police checkpoint.
You will get on a straight dual carriage way ; stay on this road for about 2 Km then enter the ring road and follow the green posts indicating FLORENCE. Stay on the ring road for roughly 15 km until you meet the arrow for Florence again. Take the Florence exit and you’ll be on a long stretch heading to the toll station of the A1 autostrada (motorway). After you’ve collected your ticket at the toll station stay on the A1 until you meet the exit of ATTIGLIANO (fourth exit: 1st Ponzano, 2nd Magliano, 3rd Orte, 4th ATTIGLIANO )
From ATTIGLIANO follow directions as above

Good luck!!